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When staying ahead of the communications curve just isn’t good enough, and an entirely different or transformational perspective or direction is called for, reach out and touch base with Raven Vanguard.

As a creative communications advisor and strategist, we develop artistic and innovative brand storytelling strategies, core messaging, and content, graphics, and visual solutions for anyone looking to distinguish themselves from the ordinary or commonplace by raising the bar and redefining the whole communications experience.

All forms of communication, whether written, spoken, nonverbal, or visual, should be faithfully practiced as both an art form and craft. Regrettably, somewhere along the way, humans unlearned how to communicate with each other openly and effectively, and in ways that are clear, meaningful, heartfelt, trustworthy, polite, and that both encourage and promote emotional connections.

From a communications viewpoint, globalization is fraught with uncertainty and risks because of the significantly increased chance of misunderstandings between communicants of diverse and heterogeneous backgrounds. Nowadays, current modes and means of communication can no longer continue to follow obsolete 20th Century conventions with any real expectation of arriving at a point of mutually harmonious understanding between those vested in and participating in the conversation.

Do you ever get the feeling that nobody truly listens to you anymore? Or, that you live in a world beset by unbridgeable differences? Well, you are not alone. We believe today’s global communications breakdown, and the alarming society-wide upsurge in personal disconnectedness are due, in large part, to the unchecked escalation of ineffective listening skills among all of us. Meaning, sadly enough, that listening has become another one of the lost arts, a casualty of living in an increasingly impersonal, detached, and uncivilized world.

Effective and persuasive communication starts with learning to listen actively and intently in order to facilitate the heightened level of comprehension necessary to achieve profound understanding. However, before one can truly listen with the intention of understanding, one must consciously develop and cultivate the acquired capacity to step and look outside of yourself. What this entails is the willingness to acknowledge the generative natures of perspective and viewpoint that are almost always the result of difference and dissimilarity in the human experience. With this awareness comes realization, objectivity, and activation of the ability to open oneself to the opportunity of listening without subjectivity-based preconceptions or prejudgment.

There is a commonly understood school of thought that teaches one can only know what one has experienced firsthand. We do not believe this statement to be one of absolute certainty, nor do we find it to be an immutable truth. For if this assertion was in fact undeniably true, how can one ever come to understand another person’s point of view completely? And, if this were true, wouldn’t all forms of communication ultimately prove to be either ineffectual or meaningless? While contextual insight is a necessary component of effective communication to be sure, this type of awareness is more wide-ranging and not prescribed by firsthand experiences alone. There is a real danger in overvaluing the importance of firsthand experience in the communications algorithm; that being, the utter disregard of pure imagination, new ideas, and aspirational thinking, the conceptual foundations of existing knowledge, or the analytical, analogical, or objective value of credible and pertinent secondhand information, or even the transcendent potential of literature. 

Raven Vanguard is the creative evolution of active listening, dynamic conversation, and social and interpersonal connection. As such, we are leading a conscientious revolution to challenge the status quo and to revitalize a return to real values and ideals by weaving integrity, honesty, and authenticity into every single thing we do. Our passion and objective, although mindful of the wisdom of the ages and respectful of centuries of tradition and our deep roots in the classical ways of doing things, are intended to confront and scrutinize all assumptions and to push boundaries with cutting-edge skillfulness and style, both boldly and thoughtfully. From a broader picture perspective, we believe it is more important connecting, engaging, and building relationships for our clients with people having particular states of mind rather than focusing solely on connecting them to specific people only because they fit within targeted age, race, ethnicity, gender, income or education demographic groupings.

Contact Raven Vanguard whenever you are prepared to rethink the limits of possibility radically, or whether you need communications assistance with branding, writing blog posts or social media content, website content, a supercritical proposal, public relations messaging, or even concept design and content for brochures, restaurant menus, or the like, or naming. We should also be your first choice anytime you need help designing a new logo or iconography, creating a new typeface, color scheme, imagery, symbols, shapes, or any other type of graphic element.