interior design

Hospitality, Residential, and Commercial Design


Raven Vanguard provides a multitude of interior design related services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. We specialize in high-end and distinctive residential interiors, as well as upscale, boutique, luxury, resort, one-off, lifestyle, eclectic, and offbeat interiors within the hospitality and entertainment industries, professional and corporate office suites, retail, and other commercial establishments and organizational interiors. Hospitality interiors range from restaurants, nightclubs, cocktail lounges, cabaret, burlesque, and speakeasy nightclubs, bars, taverns, and tea rooms to live music venues, hotels, inns, spas, resorts, and private clubs.


We also provide other critical ancillary services in connection with our interiors work. For example, we offer archival and evidence-based research services (including legal research and analysis) for properties considered either architecturally significant, historic, historical or landmark. We assist project owners and architects with necessary research to determine a property’s historical significance for registration purposes or to facilitate the progress of preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation projects. Along these same lines, but in highly-stylistic Raven Vanguard fashion, we also specialize in the revivification and interpretive restoration of historic properties as well.

Additionally, we provide identification, selection, sourcing, procurement, and acquisition services to project owners of furnishings, upholstery, lighting, flooring and floor coverings, artwork, antiques, casegoods, architectural millwork, fabrics, textiles, wallcoverings, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures.