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Our vision and logo design


On May 17, 2018,

Raven Vanguard finally unveiled the coming-of-age fruits of what had become a long guarded mystery, our logo image or pictorial mark. We believe our majestic, queenly Icon perfectly complements the uniqueness and timeless nature of our original logotype and does so in a way that respectfully celebrates the divine essence of femininity. Perhaps even more important than this, we feel the aesthetic qualities of our graphic image offer valuable insights into who we are as people.

Within our Studio, we purposefully spent an inordinate amount of incredibly productive time, energy, and emotion discussing the relevance of, and the cultivation and personification of our brand image. We three looked introspectively inward by earnestly and painstakingly examining and reexamining our collective consciousness, conjoint conscience, and shared awareness as well as those distinctive attributes and characteristics that make us unmistakably Raven Vanguard and singularly different from our peers. By erasing any lingering feelings of self-doubt through this wonderfully humbling process of self-evaluation, we were able to thoughtfully restyle our pictorial mark through several distinct transformations and reincarnations proudly arriving at the one we ultimately decided to bring into the light of day and share with the rest of the world.

It is not mere happenstance that our logo did not reach the point of actualization until after Dakota joined us full-time, Dakota’s overall contributions to the design and realization of our logo were instrumental to its creation. Therefore, let me turn this over to Dakota so that she can share some personal insights into the foundational and artistic processes involved in the genesis of our brand ambassador.

Artist’s Statement: By Dakota Nesselbush

Raven Vanguard. Who and why are we? How did we become who we are? Who do you think we are and why do you believe we exist? What might you feel about us and why might you feel this way? Many difficult, but fundamental questions are under consideration when approaching logo design, yet these questions expand far beyond a mere surface examination of a business’ values and style.

In this case, we approached our logo conceptually, focusing on the uniquely personal attributes of the Trinity comprising the soul of Raven Vanguard, as well as our core branding ideas, our pasts, present, beliefs, passions, visions, strange happenings, interests, conspiracy theories, personal styles, and our hope to embody the nature of the divine through our collective expression of the human spirit.

So, who are we? And, who is she and why and how does she represent us? My design intent was to create a “physical,” although transcendent, manifestation of a woman, who embraces all things Raven Vanguard. She is iconic and ornate, boasting a headdress, jewels, and collar. She is thought-provoking and thoughtful. She encompasses all things human – strength, fragility, bravery, eccentricity, beauty, intellect, emotion, yearning, culture, respect, life, death, time, and timelessness. She is a boundary-pusher, a woman of unbound potential, with the edge, elegance and seductive nature that our brand exemplifies.

Each part of our image comes together to form the holistic embodiment of who we are, and who we desire to be. Our Heroine’s headdress, with its skull symbolizing the impermanent nature of time, and time passed, reflects our deeply rooted connection to historical inspiration, our life experiences to date, and to those pioneering creators who preceded us in the arts, architecture, design, music, film, theater, and literature. The flowers along its side symbolize rebirth, life, and the idea of creationism, in other words, our ability to re-imagine and redefine spaces and experiences. The headdress is also adorned with crystals, iconographic motifs, and aspects of astrological magick, reflecting the extravagant, the sacred, and the atypical. Ideals we strive to pay tribute to and celebrate. Her lace collar doubles as a tattoo – redefining opulence, revisiting culture, and further providing texture and contrast. Her eyes purposely obscured, to remove the finite and straightforward meaning of sight, while her third eye and revealing nature provoke mystery, intent, candidness and profound wisdom. The robe through which her anointing right-hand passes and her overall form pay tribute to classical sculpture and art, drawing inspiration from their drapery and know-how. The untitled hardbound book in her left-hand complements all of these things with concepts of knowledge, history, philosophy, theology, and obscurity.

The three-headed raven; the more worldly, if not the most literal aspect of our design, standing triumphantly with its wings spread wide, anchors the composition. This noble creature represents and is emblematic of the three non-conformists that make our brand idiosyncratically Raven Vanguard. Grasping a skeleton key, our Ravenna is both harbinger and sentinel with the foresight to unlock all things, serving as our guiding spirit through a gateway to ideas and innovations beyond, and otherwise out of sight. We provide the vision, the ability to create and transform space and mood in previously unimagined ways; perhaps even in ways you did not believe possible, making you feel and apprehend things you did not realize you could feel or envision.

Despite thorough contextualization, I must remind you that design and art should be open to interpretation. What is it that you see? What do you feel? I perceive a sense of serenity. Balance. Accompanied by the overwhelming sense of something beyond. All-knowing, all-seeing.