Raven Vanguard

Beauty in the balance of sound + aesthetic

What we do, and why we do it


We work in partnership with our clients to create artistically distinctive, uncompromising, thought-provoking, and enduring design statements of unremitting value.


Welcome to Raven Vanguard Design Studio, LLC. We are a specialty high-end design collective and creative consultancy, born of three intertwined and supremely unorthodox individuals of diverse backgrounds, eternally reflecting on existence while creating unique and exclusive residential, hospitality, and commercial interiors.

We are also a creative communications consultant providing innovative brand storytelling strategies, and content, graphics, and visual solutions for anyone looking for unconventionally inspirational or imaginative ideas, or merely wishing to escape from the limitations of ordinary or commonplace approaches.

Our hospitality interiors include upscale, luxury, boutique, and lifestyle restaurant, nightclub, cocktail lounge, bar, tavern, and hotels, resorts, spas, inns and private clubs. We bring eclecticism, high art, and the aesthetics of the Renaissance, the avant-garde, and well-appointed adornment to the design and restoration of extraordinary and architecturally-gifted spaces, and to places that dare to be strange and singular.

Like the clientele we service, Raven Vanguard is not about the mainstream, conventionality, compromise or half measures. We understand that the pursuit of excellence and purity in design is a never ending and often either an illusive or elusive journey. We know for certain that a truly successful journey never comes about by happenstance. Excellence and purity in design demand absolute passion, creativity, ingenuity, commitment, patience, planning, attention to detail, and deliberate effort and execution. Only then can the artist truly challenge and push the boundaries of possibility. Our design ideology, aesthetics, values, and priorities are explained in detail here

Whenever you work with us, we invite and encourage you to expect more from us than you would from anybody else. Being assuredly self-critical artists, we consciously engage in a never-ending and respectful dialogue with the past. We believe that genuine artistic growth can only come about through earnest and contemplative reflection on those lessons learned through study, observation, trial, error, failure, and success. Confidence and passion define us, giving us the freedom to move introspectively forward, never backward, never doubting, pursuing our vision, intuition, and beliefs. We invite you to join us as we chart, forge, and walk our own path in ways that will keep you decidedly ahead of the curve.

We chose the name “Raven Vanguard” because these words, when joined, actually represent who we are as a company. The Raven, with its purple-black iridescent plumage, wandering spirit, boundless curiosity, and its gifts of clairvoyance, intelligence, courage and its other natural attributes, symbolically represents our creative ambition, independence, versatility, confrontational and contradictory natures, and our passion for balancing calm, chaos, and grace, and harmoniously blending light, darkness, and shade. 

The word Vanguard, in its literal, figurative and conceptual meanings, represents our desire to break away from the design mainstream and to lead others by original example in a different, imaginative, and boldly compelling direction. The Raven and the Vanguard, transcendent by nature and essence, each fearlessly surpassing and extending beyond the realm of ordinary experience.  

From our perspective, many examples of contemporary architecture and interior design seem to hold little regard for the luxurious and eclectic styles and intricate details of times past. As a result, in their modern day execution, many examples of architecture and design lack artistic diversity and stylistic singularity which has seemingly led to the mass proliferation of a universal suburban-subdivision sameness. Raven Vanguard rejects this effort to find comfort in both the middle and creative predictability.

The Raven Vanguard design team promises to deliver to each client a distinctive, uncompromising, and one-of-a-kind project. Our guarantee: we will never provide a cloned or ordinary design project lacking in originality to any client. We believe each finished luxury or custom project must not only combine master craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail but it must also be elegant, unexampled, and unlike any other finished space, and it must provide both long lasting and genuine value to our clients. 

Because we make every effort to include and involve our clients in the creative process, we welcome every opportunity to work with anyone who has either an interest in, understanding of, or simply an appreciation of high art or other similar artistic forms. 

We also welcome every opportunity to collaborate with prospective clients who are themselves involved in the arts, be it architecture, design, decorative or visual arts, music, film, theater, literature, fashion, textiles, performance arts, photography, mixed-media or any other form of artistic or artisanal expression or endeavor. 


The minds of Raven Vanguard

Get to know them individually before they joined forces


Brooke Moll and Tom Moll are the founders, Members, and creative team behind Raven Vanguard’s leading-edge design practice. Even though Raven Vanguard came into being relatively recently, in truth, its existence has been in the making for two lifetimes. 

Recognizing their mutual appreciation of time-honored and sophisticated architectural and interior design styles, and relying upon their near-telepathic level of communication and abilities to perceive the unspoken, their intertwined sense of intuition, their harmonious spirit of give and take, and their complementary artistic skills and sensibilities, Brooke and Tom decided the time was finally right to give birth to their idea/dream/obsession that is Raven Vanguard. Together, Brooke and Tom, make Raven Vanguard a unique, unconventional, and boundary-pushing company; one that is already leaving its lasting mark on the future of distinctive, out-of-the-ordinary, and quintessential design, composition, craft, and artistry.

In April 2018, a new set of wings takes her inaugural flight at Raven Vanguard, enter our colleague, Dakota Nesselbush. Dakota is a recent honors-level graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA Degree in Interior Design together with a Minor in Architectural History.




Brooke was raised within a family of highly skilled building contractors, tradespeople, and material suppliers to both the commercial and residential construction industries. After obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design, Brooke’s career immediately took off, and she now has more than ten years of interior design experience as an independent business owner and many years of experience as a specialty retailer.

Her extensive travels throughout Europe and other parts of the world have heightened Brooke's passion for design, architecture, fine arts, street art, music, and couture fashion. Including intensive periods studying design and architecture abroad, Brooke has traveled throughout England, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Mexico, and Monaco. She instantly fell in love with diverse cultures, tree and statue-lined cobblestone streets, preserved medieval towns, immense bridges, towering church spires, an eclectic mix of Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture, astronomical clocks, narrow, winding city streets, art museums, legendary universities, and designer fashion.

In addition to her many unique talents as a designer, Brooke is also an incredibly gifted photographer, painter, visual artist, landscape planner, and developer of a line of children’s products. 



Although Tom does not have a formal degree in interior design, by personal inclination, affinity, self-study, know-how, and hands-on involvement, he has nearly 40 years of real world and professional experience in the construction and interior design industries. Tom’s insatiable interest in design and architecture evolved into many years of self-study and an endless desire to learn everything there was to know about pre-World War II European and Asian interior design and architectural movements and styles. Later on, Tom developed an interest in historic preservation and restoration, and in the styles and architecture of the United States’ Gilded Age period, as well as a fascination for Moorish and Scandinavian design styles.

In the mid-1970s, Tom started to learn about and collect antiques and art. His early exposure to antiques and art has led to lifelong passions for collecting both in various styles and types. 

During his college years and before heading off to law school in the fall of 1982, Tom operated a general contracting business that included rough framing, roofing, siding, interior and exterior painting, flooring, finish carpentry, plaster repair, drywall installation, and window installation.

Tom’s interest in travel has taken him throughout parts of Europe and across the United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico to visit major cities to learn more about urbanism, architectural preservation and restoration efforts and techniques, interior design styles, and architecture. 

Tom has spent a lifetime working with friends and acquaintances to help them assemble music collections, music playback systems, and with the design of their music rooms. Tom’s lifelong love of music has also led to friendships with many individuals involved in the music industry, including the designers and manufacturers of the high-end audio equipment that Raven Vanguard has the pleasure of showcasing in its Studio.

Tom is also a successful lawyer having been in private practice since 1985. In his legal practice, Tom has provided courtroom representation and day-to-day counseling to project owners, developers, lenders, contractors and subcontractors of every type and size from Fortune 500 to family owned and operated, and to architects, engineers, and interior design firms. Tom has been involved in every kind of project from small residential projects to those in the hospitality and healthcare industries, to massive interstate and intrastate infrastructure projects, to historic preservation and rehabilitation projects, to design-bid-build, and architect or designer-led design-build projects. 

dakota pic edited.jpg


Dakota, same as Brooke and Tom, has had a lifelong passionate love affair with the arts, architecture, design, and music. Even before she headed off to Savannah to attend SCAD, Dakota was already an accomplished painter, illustrator, graffiti, graphic, and street artist, and photographer.

Dakota’s world travel itinerary is every bit as impressive as Brooke’s with stops in England, France, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Wales, China (having lived and studied for a short period in Hong Kong), Japan (having pillaged Tokyo in particular), Tanzania (performing volunteer humanitarian work), Canada, and Mexico, not to mention her many exploits within this Country as a design intern and itinerant traveler.

While at SCAD, Dakota distinguished herself at every turn, academically and as a contributing member of the University community, including membership in Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts, multiple inter-departmental collaboration projects with students in the Fashion Program exploring merchandising, marketing, and multimedia presentations, and as the winning recipient of the 2016 Georgia Lottery Corporation design challenge. And finally capping off her impressive four-year stay at SCAD as the 2018 recipient of the prestigious Social Innovation Award for her one-of-a-kind capstone project, Origin.


Raven Vanguard Design Studio, LLC is a New York limited liability company.