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Private and curated Salon-style events at our design studio, showroom, and gallery


Raven Vanguard is in the process of preserving, restoring, and transforming one of the oldest private residences and finest surviving examples of domestic architecture in Buffalo, New York into our design studio, showroom, gallery and audio showcase. Located within Buffalo’s Allentown Historic District, our architectural showpiece, self-named “Raven Vanguard House,” was built circa 1850 in the French Second Empire style and is listed in both the National and State Registers of Historic Places. Through the medium of Raven Vanguard House, we look forward to revitalizing the culture and aesthetic of the European art, literary, and music Salons that flourished throughout Europe from the 17th Century until the close of the 19th Century.  

When our restoration work is complete, Raven Vanguard House will feature a rotating display of the work of many different local, national, and international artists, artisans, product designers, audio designers, specialty contractors and specialty manufacturers. Our studio, showroom, and gallery spaces will function as exclusive and revolving boutique-styled showcases for the finest materials, finishes, fixtures, fabrics, textiles, furnishings, lighting, high fidelity audio equipment, antiques, works of art, and multimedia installations.

One of our passions is working in collaboration with individual seldom seen artists, boutique furnishing manufacturers, clandestine gallery owners, left-of-center collectors, well-versed clients and project owners, to discover and showcase distinctive, artistic, and creative works, furnishings, and materials that might not ordinarily find their way into more conventional hospitality, commercial, retail, or residential environments.

Our Studio is an exceptional place, a kaleidoscopic expression of incomparable creativity, a continually evolving emporium of carnal and otherworldly pleasures and delights, where every single decision we make concerning the interior decoration, design, and atmosphere must not only do justice to the spirit and architecture of the building itself but must also represent the utterly unique nature of our Brand. Before we decide to purchase or acquire anything of substance for one of our Studio’s many eclectic spaces, we first ask ourselves whether the piece or object is appropriate to our design goal. Then, and admittedly, more importantly, we ask ourselves whether the item under consideration is extraordinary enough to be welcomed into our Studio. Always keeping in mind that Raven Vanguard has never been, and will never be, about merely being good enough. In our world, opulence, contradiction, sensuality, mystery, spirituality, nonconformity, and darkness are seen as artistic benchmarks, and never as something to be feared. Our Studio’s spaces are the ultimate embodiment of our creative ethos.

In the spirit of social gathering and the veneration and revival of the centuries-old European Salon culture and tradition, Raven Vanguard will begin hosting private events late in 2019 at Raven Vanguard House to celebrate something of the moment or something entirely at random. Cultural exploration awaits. To hear more about our upcoming events, please join our mailing list by registering at the bottom of the page. On a more regular basis, Raven Vanguard will also host music listening events, discussed on our music page here.


Raven Vanguard House and its landscaped grounds are available for short-term rental for small, private, corporate or charitable events such as weddings, meetings, or exclusive and intimate dinner or cocktail parties.

Raven Vanguard House is ready for use and day-rate booking as a location house. Our property’s exceptional architecture, luxurious interiors, and gardens are ideally suited as a backdrop for a broad range of photographic, cinematic, and other types of visual art projects or activities, including lifestyle, fashion, décor, and interiors projects.

We offer unique rental opportunities for individuals and businesses that are looking for an exceptional venue to host trunk shows (fashion, jewelry, bridal, and retail merchandise), upscale press and product launches (including new audio equipment), book signing events, poetry readings, artist lectures, wine tastings, champagne receptions, vintage cocktail parties, and solo or gallery-sponsored art exhibitions.

For all bookings, please contact: