The Week of September 2nd - September 8th


Words according to Brooke, Co-Founder and Boss Lady of Raven Vanguard


Hi September, nice to see you again- you have always been my favorite. September has always represented a fresh start for me and is a month that is now extra special as Tom and I approach our first wedding anniversary. September swoops in fast and goes out even faster, if we could only hang on to it and spread it out a little longer- I’d be down with that. 


There is something to be said about getting back into a routine with September. Back in the school mindset. I’m ready to buckle down and get to work. Although summers as an adult are about work too, hmm. I’ve been looking forward to Fall, since the end of July- really. Not much into the summer heat thing. And I have to say, I think that’s the general consensus with the rest of the Ravens that Fall is our thing. One Raven in particular keeps mentioning how they like the “spookiness” of fall, I’ll let you guess which one of us that might be. But I have to agree- the “spookiness” sucks me in as well. 


So, what is it about Fall? To me it’s the richness, the coziness, the feeling that you want to observe the outside through your window, all while sitting on your sofa. And what makes that even better? Well, a velvet sofa of course. Maybe a George Smith sofa, or perhaps a Gianfranco Ferre sofa? (Sorry, I had to). The rich colors and textures of autumn are all so appealing. I think if Raven Vanguard were to identify as a season, it would most certainly be fall. 


Every day I chat on the phone with my best friend, Ashley. She is not only my best friend, but my therapist, and my personal astrological forecaster. Ashley tells me that September is about completion. It is about completing cycles of life’s lessons that keep coming back as reoccurring issues in our lives. When ignored, these teaching moments will keep resurfacing until they smack us in the face. Until they force us to listen.


This past week’s forecast was pretty spot on, as it felt rather smack, smack, smack. We all have lessons upon lessons to learn in this lifetime and whatever lifetimes after (if that’s your thing). So, what do we do?  I’m making time to get back into meditation and to set daily intentions. And I am going to be making a point to do a 10-day meditation. Sorry Tom and Dakota- I won’t be working for the next 10 days because I will be... meditating. After all, some of the greatest visionaries have gotten their inspiration while meditating. OK, OK- it’s more like 10-minute sessions per day, for 10 days to help get in the routine and make it a habit. 


So, my advice as we begin this journey into Fall- pick up a new good habit for yourself. Sit on the sofa and observe the outside, buy yourself that luxurious velvet George Smith sofa (here I go again), and just enjoy it. After all, you deserve it.