The Week of October 14th - October 20th


Words according to Dakota, SHE II, and Raven Vanguard’s third member, also known as Sloth


It is officially time for yet another Weekly Once-Over. And I am finding myself having somewhat of a difficult time figuring out what there is to talk about. Maybe it’s just the fact that I have been so beyond busy that I am brain dead to the creative process of writing. Or maybe I just don’t have enough going on to really talk about.

So instead of talking about me, I’ll talk about what has been up at the Raven House. The last few weeks alone we have been hosting events within the space and meeting with a wide range of Buffalo’s creative movers and shakers. It is safe to say that talking to these individuals has been nothing short of inspiring and thought-provoking. This week alone, we had met with someone who has revolutionary ideas about intimacy and how you experience environments – we’ll feature her fantastic self here soon – amazing women in the music industry, a chef who has travelled the world, artists of the musical, sculptural, and painterly kind, and much more.

On Tuesday, we held an album release event dubbed “7XVE is Love Haus” with the associated tags, #7xveisLove and #YouShouldBeProud. This was an event to remember, especially since I would consider it Raven’s first pop culture affiliated event. It was a night of streetwear, good hip-hop, Buffalo-based people, Atlanta-based people, musicians, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, hoodie designers, managers, and the queen herself, 7XVEthegenius, which based on her album title, is read “Lovethegenius.” The night was abundant with reuniting friends, new introductions, and collaborative spark. I, personally, met many amazing people on Tuesday, and I was grateful to be involved in such an event. The night wrapped up with listening to 7xve’s new album, 7xve Is Love, within our music room, and watching 7xve’s video for the track You Should Be Proud, in our library. The event was “opulent” to say the least.

Link to 7xve’s New Video, You Should Be Proud:

7xvethegenius’s new album, 7xve is Love can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

Make sure to check out her interview for the iconic Hip Hop DX as well:

Tomorrow, Saturday October 19th, we are having yet another music-centric event featuring the live performances of Curtis Lovell for her intimate concert series “In This House.” She is a phenomenal performer, and I cannot wait to hear how she brings these halls to life with her beautifully rhythmic songwriting and truly soulful vocals.

These events have shaped us all differently. It goes without saying that we have met incredible individuals through hosting these gatherings, and I believe that we have changed the game here in Buffalo when it comes to smaller scale event spaces. Your surroundings matter. It’s what we do, it is why we are here. To enhance the beauty of the music. To enhance the conversation and make you feel like you are at something truly special. The space is a part of the experience. And we are happy to be the hosts.