The Week of October 21st - October 27th


Words according to All of Us - Icebreaker Questions to Get to Know Us a Little Better


Fame and fortune, and everything that goes with it, or anonymity?

D: I would rather have anonymity. Even though there is plenty of benefits to fame. There’s the self-satisfaction if one was to come from nothing and become famous, to earn fortune and fame. And fortune is obviously self-explanatory. The ability to not fret over money, to feed into a side that is less practical and more indulgent, etc.

But I feel as though I have seen enough of the lonely side of fame and fortune to know that it isn’t what I want. I wasn’t raised in a multi-million-dollar home with the perspective of looking down on others that didn’t have the same. I wasn’t born into the mindset that money solves problems. I was brought up believing that true happiness comes from where you heart feels connected, and whole. I have seen people lose themselves trying to desperately grasp at fame and fortune, completely losing track of what it is to be happy. Losing the ones that stood next to them when they believed in something outside of being known by the masses. Becoming deeply lonely. I’d rather stay out of the limelight, away from unfair criticisms, and the harsh expectations that come from the idealistic perception of what fame is. I’m better at living a simpler life full of being inspired by what is bigger than me and knowing the tabloids won’t catch me makeup-less going to get late night food.

B: I’ll take anonymity with a large side of fortune, please.

T: Can I choose anonymity, but with the anonymousness of Christ?

For me, the vastness of one’s fortune, amassed as a byproduct of one’s fame and an aura of celebrity, could never, no matter how large, overcome the disadvantages and complications to one’s very existence wrought by everything that comes along with the vagaries of celebrity, commercialism, and notoriety.

To me, it is impossible to place too high a value on privacy in one’s space and the right to be left utterly alone, even in a public setting. Anonymity gives one a fighting chance to experience intimacy and solitude in the light of day with those people you truly care about rather than the certainty of intrusion, disruption, and interruption by idol-worshipping morons who obsess over the likes of those pitiable Real Housewives from locales like Atlanta, Dallas, and the OC.

Celebrity culture in today’s digital age diminishes the very essence and authenticity of the human experience. Now, more than ever, as a global society, we place far greater value on fame, being famous, and the pursuit of glory than we do on being genuine and sincere. Social media has only made this problem worse by giving rise to the mass proliferation of the selfie in an attempt to garner public attention and in aggrandizing the triviality of these micro-fame moments.

More often than not, fame is the result of appealing to the commonality of the masses, and this process of seeking mass recognition erodes, if not destroys, one’s uniqueness and self-esteem. To me, it is more fulfilling to find bona fide acceptance among my Family, friends, peers, and collaborators than to seek glorification by the masses.

Take Raven Vanguard, for instance – Brooke, Dakota, and I are unorthodox by every measure available. We confidently celebrate our individuality and our shared trinity without ever being burdened by how we are perceived by the world at large. Our vision, creativity, aesthetic, and extravagance will never appeal to everyone because we are not for everyone. And we refuse to dilute the integrity of our brand, or who we are as individuals, one iota to appeal to the general populace.

When everything Raven Vanguard does hints at the powers of intimacy, beauty, romance, sensuality, femininity, opulence, divinity, ambiguity, and a desire to question all things and foster a deepening conversation about those ideas and values that matter most, there is no acceptable means of ever reconciling these attributes with the diluting and debilitating nature of fame. And fame will never equate to happiness, legitimacy, or achievement; enough said.                          


Baker, or candlestick maker?

D: Oh, 100% a baker. I would love to be able to make all sorts of delicious things without the fear of burning it. Or, dropping it. Because I do both of those things. Plus, if you’ve ever watched the Great British Baking Challenge, you would know that not only does baking comprise of mouth-watering sweets, but the bakers create plenty of savory meals and breads as well. I love bread.

B: I feel like Tom crafted this question towards me. When life feels overwhelming, I joke that I just want to run away and work in a gluten free Parisian baguette shop.



Influencer-driven cultural trends; fan or foe?

D: Fan and foe! It depends on the type of influencers you’re talking about or looking at. I love a whole lot of fashion influencers that align with my style. For example, I keep up with @sammijefcoate. She’s an “influencer” / blogger who focuses on beauty and fashions. She promotes brands such as Zana Bayne, a small-scale brand that makes high quality leather goods, belts, bags etc, The Great Frog London, a handmade-jewelry company specializing in high quality rings, and other high-quality brands that hold up to the test of time. I support influencers that don’t support fast fashion companies that steal from artists. Let’s get quality and artistry trending. What I tend to not like about influencer-driven trends is when cheap, poorly made products and large corporations take the marketing forefront due to influencer social media outreach. This waters down the appreciation for quality goods and services, and when it comes to the arts and interior design, it is typically overdone, boring, and driven by DIY and “ways to save!” culture over methodical and meaningful curated design.

B: Not a fan, it doesn’t feel that authentic to me.



What is your favorite magical or mythological animal?

D: Short answer. Dragons. I grew up reading books like Eragon. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to ride dragons and promote peace? Also, have you seen Game of Thrones? Enough said.

B: I’ve always thought Centaur’s were pretty cool. I mean what’s better than being half horse and half human-ish? I’m sure there are traits that could come in handy.

T: Any three-headed dog capable of guarding the threshold to Hades gets my vote – say hello to Cerberus, folks. But I’ve also had a lifelong fascination for the Gorgon Sisters, Sirens, Lamia, and Chimera.   


What fictional world or place would you like to visit?

D: I picked this question, so I have arrived at another easy one to answer. 10/10 the mythical world of Harry Potter. And no – I was never really stoked about Hogwarts, because schooling stressed me out to no end and I hated dorm living, but I always thought the Weasley’s enchanted house was the coolest thing in the countryside.

B: I’ve never been able to sit through a full Harry Potter movie (nothing against the movie, it’s my own issue with watching anything) but I think it would be a pretty cool place to hang out in.

T: This one comes down to a coin flip – the fictional world or place I am most interested in visiting is that which is taking place at any given moment in time in the minds of the women I create with, Brooke and Dakota.     


Would you rather live on a houseboat or in a cabin in the mountains?

D: I’m not sure if I could “live” in either, because a cabin in the mountains requires a life of labor, chopping wood, harvesting, hunting etc., and I get major motion sickness, so a houseboat isn’t ideal. That being said, because I get motion sickness and would truly hate boat life, I pick the cabin. Because I grew up in a log home, spent my childhood remote camping, fishing, and in nature. I could do it and I would love the serenity, but I would prefer a cabin as a temporary option, like a vacation oasis.

B: No to the houseboat!!! I get seasick, actually I think I am now just thinking about it. I’ll take a cabin the mountains, please.



If you had to give yourself a new first name what would it be?

D: OOOOOH. This is hard! I am not sure if I should pick a name that I find resonates with my spirit today, or one that I’ve always just loved. Growing up, I thought the coolest girl names were Rogue and Violet. You can thank X-Men and The Incredibles for those ones. So, I’ll choose Rogue for the sake of cool super villains turned heroes. And as of today, I still like my name. I think it’s cool that it doesn’t have a typical gender assigned to it and I think it fits me.

B: I would go with Tomasina, to annoy Tom 😊



What common trait of your astrological sign does and does not suit you?

D: Well, if we are talking sun-signs only, I am a Cancer. Honestly, through and through. Since your sun sign defines the core of who you are and your true identity, I think the character traits and stereotypes of my sign align with who I am, even sometimes the flaws. I am a caring, sensitive, emotionally driven person. I am somewhat reclusive at times and I can be jealous or distrustful at times. I think where I typically tend to disagree with the stereotypes is when Cancers are viewed as weak. Yes, I may cry and yes, I am emotional, but I know when to empower myself and stick to what I believe is good for me. I don’t like being taken advantage of or talked down to, but that may just be my Mars in Gemini mixed with my Jupiter in Capricorn. ~ w h e w ~ a s t r o l o g i c a l ~ c h a r t s ~

B: I feel most are pretty spot on, especially my inability to settle when it’s something I’m passionate about. I would say the trait that least suites me is that most are very extroverted. I can be, but oftentimes I’m feeling more intro than extro.



If you had to choose a career in a non “creative” profession what would you choose?

D: Ugh, this is hard because if I had to pick another career, I would want it to be another creative field like the culinary arts, painting, photography, or something like that. Butttt if it really had to be non-creative, I think I’d want to be a travel agent. I’d love to plan out vacations and be able to get good discounts on my own trips. I know someone who does that, and she is always off to someplace new and beautiful. There are not many things more enriching than the ability to travel, see new places, and experience other cultures.

B: I crafted this question and it has stumped me, dang it. It’s hard for me to imagine doing something that wasn’t creative. I would still want to be an entrepreneur of some sort…it’s a Sag trait. I’d say own a boutique but I’ve done that and am over that…hmm…would trophy wife count? Ok, maybe own a café, although I already don’t think it would fulfill me. I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve found my passion.